West Indian Bay (Pimenta racemosa) tree is native to the West Indies and is a tropical treasure. Its leaves have a wide variety of uses in as a seasoning spice in culinary dishes, for aromatherapy and cosmetics, oil from the leaves is used to make bay rum a very masculine after shave product.

As a tea Bay leaf is bound to impress you with its strength and great tasting flavour. Just a cup of tea is sure to stimulate not only your taste buds but the aroma is quite excitingly exotic. The taste of Bay leaf is unique and distinctive and should not be confused with the "OTHER" bay leaf (Laurus nobilis) which is not as fragrant or pleasant as West Indian Bay Leaf.

Bay leaf has been traditionally used in local and Caribbean folk medicine to treat against the pain and inflammation. It is most commonly used as an exotic tea for calming and soothing effects. A few studies have been conducted on the benefits of West Indian Bay leaf extracts and can be found HERE.

Used tea bags can also be used as a spice condiment for flavouring meats or baked goods. Be unique and distinctive and impress all of your family, friends or neighbours with this rich, invigorating, fragrant and delicious exotic herbal tea.

Directions of Use

Steep 1-3 whole leaves in a cup of boiling water and allow 3-4 minutes. Add a sweetner of choice to your taste and enjoy the experience.

West Indian Bay Leaf (Pimenta racemosa)

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